Just a few words from satisfied families, and loved ones.

Some words that come to mind when I think of the people who have been there to assist in caring for my sister include caring, empathetic, engaging, authentic, generous, professional, and even tactful.

My sister has been in the care of Bright Sky Hospice Care, Inc. For a few months now, but it feels like we have known the staff for such a very long time. I cannot single out one particular person in gratitude because each person we have met has been an integral part of the team. Bright Sky was referred to my sister (the patient/client) by her Oncologist. For about 12 years my sister has been battling cancer. At 33 she has been through so much and has started having such a difficult time with traveling to and from appointments, along with other issues as well. With the care given to her from the staff members, she has been able to receive the care she needs by professionals and still have a bit of laughter and friendship in her life too.

In appreciation for the fine work being done for my sister, I and my family would like to acknowledge the staff. There have been times where I or my family have felt helpless, but Bright Sky has made us feel as if they would truly do what they could to take care of my sister. Their concern for her has been wonderful, always with a warm and caring atmosphere. Our family can honestly say that we would recommend Bright Sky’s services. They always called ahead, spoke with care, and were very prompt, truly helpful. The experience was one of caring and yet professional.

Thanks to the staff. Thank you for your support, kindness, and warmheartedness to everyone in the family. For the help you have given, you all will never be forgotten. We really appreciate the love and the care.

The Sosa Family

I’m writing this letter to say “thank you” to you and your wonderful staff at Bright Sky.

My mother, age 95 had a stroke on October 26,2014. After being in the hospital for 1 week, Bright Sky Hospice was notified. Eleanor, Leticia and Hugh came to my house in Riverside, CA to meet me and my mother. Also Dr. Tran made a personal house visit.

I was blessed to have a 24/7 caregiver for my Mom, but your nurses, Leticia, Maria and Quinta cam twice a week to check on my Mom. That provided some relief to the caregiver. Your chaplain, Hugh came by several times and prayed with my Mom and family. Eleanor caiied on a regular basic to check on rne. Each call was very supportive and she always asked if I needed anything.

Bright Sky truly provided the highest quality of services and compassionate support during these difficult times. My mother passed on November 26,2014 at 1230 a.m.

Again, thank you for all the Love, Compassion. Support and Prayers. You all were my “angels”.